I know you are not gonna believe, but seriously, believe me, I had a better website. With that cool zope (with plone's frontend) etc is gone, I am left here.

I am not sure how you reached here, but for the time being let me point you to some useful stuffs which i can provide you. My github page is https://github.com/vigith.

If you wanna get my CPAN modules, then http://search.cpan.org/~vigith/.

Otherwise I don't know what more to say.

Oh yeah, I will put in some standards (ISO-VM-1.0), else how will you know when i say "i woke up early" that i really meant that I woke up around 7.30 AM!

My Standards a.k.a ISO-VM-1.0

1. Wake up early means, anytime after 0600 and before 0830, anytime before 0600 is very early and there is a chance that i didn't sleep at all.

2. Sleep late means after 0200 and early means after 2300, very late is after 0400.

3. If you call me and call is dropped, please call me back. I won't try to call you. This is to avoid race condition (me trying to call you and you back). Else if I am calling you and the call gets dropped, then I will call you back. In either case, if none of us initiates a call, then we can assume that we are done with the conversation and there isn't anymore messages to exchange.

4. While texting, I expect the other person not to send 'hmm', 'ok' etc just to confirm that he/she got the message. You need to reply only if it is a question asked. Also, please expect the same from me. (else put a question mark after the statement '?', so that i know you are expecting a reply). Why to inconvinence a few lazy electrons anyway! :-)

5. I think cheese is protein and i like them.

6. I don't watch horror movies (not that I am afraid of it, just because i don't feel comfortable watching it).

7. This list is still evolving :-)

Between, my name is Vigith Maurice and what i write in here has nothing to reflect my workplace or other stuffs.